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Could possibly a special kind of Gaucho dagger called Caronera. As described in the article "Knives of the Gauchos" by Abel A. Domenech published in Knives'88:

"...There existed a particular and interesting type of daga, called caronerawhich had avery long blade of 30 to 35 inches, that due to its length was carried between the caronas, a leather part of the gaucho#s saddle, thus the name..."

Further in this article it is written that caroneras did not have guards to make drawing easier but there must be exeptions since I own a caronera having a guard. The blade is single edged having 29 inches of length, 1 inch of width and 1/4 inch of thickness. This caronera was made by the than famous manufacturer Broqua & Scholberg, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Greetings, Helge
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