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Originally Posted by napoleon
thank you ibrahiim ,fernando and jim,particularly for the portugese reference, a bit more reading if i can access a copy,i think the thread is still going well,but also feel that,any pics of examples,absolutely any,however rusty to anything gold mounted, gem encrusted, with or without inscriptions(are there any?) ?.regards napoleon

Salaams Napoleon...Just picking up on "anything gold mounted, gem encrusted" Do you refer to the Kastane? If so, I think you mean to post this on The Sinhalese Kastane: Its Development, Decoration and Symbolism...I am not certain what other weapons (not counting the Piha Kheata) would fall into that category..For some stunning pictures of Kastane Pinterest does some good pictures and also some of our own museum visiting members have taken great pictures in various venues like The Wallace Collection ~ just tap into Forum Library.

Good luck on your continued research. Thanks

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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