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I have also been informed that a large number of those originally 25 crossbows that Bielz mentions are no longer in Sibiu but have been in the National Museum Budapest, Hungary, for at least 20 years when they were sent there for a special historic exhibition. Why they were not returned I do not know. In his essay, Bielz mentions the fact that 8 Gothic crossbows from Hermannstadt were already in the Budapest museum by 1934.
Very interesting information Michael!

Richter mentions that, ďAcht gleichartige Waffen besitzt das Ungarische Nationalmuseum in BudapestĒ, but I thought that that was eight DIFFERENT weapons. Thatís how it goes when you canít read the Bielz text correctly.

Hungary is maybe a bit easier to visit, I know a guy that know a guy thatís supposed to work at either the Military Museum or National Museum.
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