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Originally Posted by Prasanna Weerakkody
Including an image carved by a Portuguese artist currently at the Maha Saman Devala (temple) premises in Rathnapura. the stone carving depict the Portuguese captain slaying a local chief. There is some doubt as to who is the fallen warrior, (may be Fernando or someone versed in Portuguese could attempt to decipher the attached text. ) interestingly the fallen warrior carries a lion headed- single edged blade with similarities to Kasthana. the guards and quillons are not clear- either due to not being present, hidden or artists omissions. The image is dated circa 1610-1650



Salaams Prasanna, As you say some say it is Samarakoon rala/Kuruwita Bandara others say it was Rathnayaka mudiyanse... however do you draw anything from the similarity in sword which appears to have many Kastane characteristics and tantalizing in its parallels with the Sendai Museum item? The more I think about the fact of the broad Storta like blade the more I consider this form as a possible shape to the early (15/16thC Kastane.) Such a famous and respected Sri Lankan Warrior could easily have dispensed with the quillons and guard for his personal weapon of choice; The Kastane.

For interest I note from another Forum the possibility/hypothesis that the Kastane hilt was crossed onto other blade forms as a matter of preference in the early European days of the Portuguese period.

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