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David Jaumann
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Yourīre welcome for the pictures, Michael!

Nice picture!
Like Micke, I did only know the painted version on Holger Richters book.
Thatīs also where I got the information about the Hermannsstadt crossbows. Unfortunatelly, itīs at my home right now and not here in Innsbruck, where I recently started studying archeology. But Iīm also already eager to read Mickes post about the crossbows.

So it really seems that there were some standarts for the distance bethween the nutfingers. I noticed that there are maybe two "types" of bolts.
The first one was probably especially made for one specific crossbow or a special armoury (look at post #25). The rear end is tapered gradually.
The second type could have been a mass product for many armouries, which had to be adjusted in each case. On post #254 you can see that these bolts were probably carved with a knife to adjust them to the nut. That would perfectly match to your answer of my question.
What do you think?

Best wishes,
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