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Originally Posted by Prasanna Weerakkody
Ibrahiim; Just to note that except in the case of Kings and then later era mudelliers serving under colonial masters- Kashane was not worn on a sash, but hung from the belt usually with a spring loaded clip or a loop on the scabbard.


Salaams Prasanne ~ Thank you for the detail. As you clearly realise...researching this topic "as an outsider" hits the wall at about three quarters the way through the first colonial period and huge gaps are apparent in our understanding ~not least the disruption of locally produced blades~ and in trying to identify the starting grid for the original Kastane design etc . Here is a perfect example of that misunderstanding... The appearance on artwork of the sash and later Kastane being worn in a similar fashion, yet, unbeknown to outside researchers the fact as you describe above. Thank you also for the Knox detail.

There is an interesting note in a description of Knox in captivity which states:

Quote " Describing the King’s palace, he says: "I will not adventure to declare further the contents of his treasuries, lest I may be guilty of a mistake. " Unquote.

That I find a great pity since he did not spend half an afternoon describing the Kastane!! If only?

Readers can see a full account at and many others simply by keying in "Knox in Sri Lanka"..interesting that his adventures inspired Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe ..

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