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hello jim, salaams ibrahiim,firstly jim i fully appreciate that a great deal of work has gone into this subject over a great number of years,and more questions than answers is usual in any debate,here is one for you when does the knuckle guard appear?,pre or post portugese? ibrahiim the kastanes that are of a known point in time are one you yourself listed ,the sword of king raja singh 111,from the battle of gannoruwa 1638, and the marvelous pics offered by maurice of two swords piha kaetta and cannon captured from the palace at kandy by the dutch 1765,what can be said about these is that the construction of the first is not later than 1638 and in the second instance not later than 1765,so the point i am labouring over is that establishing chronology is possible, , i like the references to mainland india and its influence,and pictures of daggers still more food for thought , piha kaetta glad you brought these up as to my eyes earlier examples definatley seem more functional,another similarity with the kastane, and if any or all of this has been said before apologies,but it doesnt make it any less valid, ,the purpose of debate is the advancement of the common cause,a question costs nothing,you can feel a bit of a fool for five minutes or spend the rest of your days wondering the answer (northern saying)
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