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Thanks for your welcome
After doing some more research and finding many more pictures from gilles,jile, billao,bilaawe ( many forms of writing ) and tooray daggers it seems to me that the traditional styles more and more mixed in the newer made daggers.
@ Martin Lubojacky: You're right it's simplification because we're talking about a big territory where this dagger may come from, so maybe the dagger can classify as northeast african dagger.
In "SomaliNetforums" i found another name for somalian daggers, "abley", but unfortunately no further information in which region, from which Clan/Tribe the name is used or what are the differences between the tooray and abley daggers. You know more?
About the blued triangles. I now have found an image from a past eBay auction with an Afar type dagger with some similar patterns.
I'd like to show it but I don't know if it's getting problems with the image rights
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