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Default Billao for comment

as a newbie in Ethnographic Weapons i'm interested in your opinions about this dagger. It was sold as an "Antique Dagger, approx. 1930, forged Blade".
Forged blade ? Looks like grinded flat steel.
The handle is made of brass and horn/bone in octagonal shape. The pommel is peened with the blade.
I removed the verdigris carefully and let the blade untouched.
Blade lenght is 18cm
Overall lenght is 31cm
The scabbard is made of brown leather, simillar to items I found on my research in this forum and the internet.
Two things made me wonder.
The unusual pommel and the fuller with the blued triangles.
I dont see this on any other pics of billaos.
After a bit of research I would classify the dagger as somalia billao, middle to late 20th century.
Is my opinion about this dagger correct ?
Tourist piece or real tool?
Thank you for your help
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