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Salaams all.. We continue the Kastane Hilt analysis~

Quoting the relevant SriLankan names supplied by Jim at #40 viz;

Ath vasma or ath hade= knuckleguard.
Vari sarkuva-quillons also known as serependiya mana as they
are generally formed of serependiya heads.

~and assuming serependiya means also the heads on what we regard as the cross guard finials and mirrored on the knuckleguard.~

Serependiya are so closely associated with Makara that physically they are almost indistinguishable from them except that they appear as smaller finials in this case involved pretty well all over the hilt. They are commonly regarded as being associated as having been spewed out by the Makara and themselves issue foliage from their jaws. Occasionally they may be described as Naga (snake heads) Dragons, Eagle Heads, etc etc though in the parlance of mythology it would be impossible to tie down with pin point accuracy and since all deities of this nature are morphable entities why should they be?

The point about Deity or their form is that they are lavishly applied to this weapon offering both protection with associated monsters breathing fire, foliage or other deities and by dormant entities like the humano/crocodile on the handguard as well as the Kuriimukhta on the rainguard which rather than spewing evil destructive beings out... gobbles up danger...(in a reverse, almost defensive posture but in support of the main theme)... The whole item steeped in protective Buddhist-Hindu ancient talismanic elements.

Such then are the religio/socio traditional and historical implications so far illustrated on this Iconic sword that it defies gravity (always a contentious occupation when dealing with ethnographic weapons !) that any other group than Buddhist- Hindu could have had any input into its design ...or at least in its decorative construct..perhaps a further indicator of a purely home made / home grown weapon.

Shown Below ~The Kastane hilt illustrating the humano/crocodile face half way down the knuckleguard framed by emissions of fire/the protective swish of a peacock like tail.. from two accompanying Serendipiyya/ Nagas.(is a picture showing the odd humanoid face which is a deity often associated with Makara (though not always). Picture from Forum see #56.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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