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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Regarding the Deities since I am close to being in mid stream discussing these~…Whilst conclusions are probably going to be difficult or vague at best... I think we are close to some definition as to type and form however as always caution is advised ... or putting it another way from I quote the authors final comment on drawing any sort of conclusion upon the different understanding of Deities (in this case The Makara) but the rule applies to the many varieties~

Quote"It could be noted that no two sketches have any close resemblance to each other so that it would be evident that each one of these artists acted on his own conception of the Makara".Unquote.

Perhaps just a matter of semantics, but it should be understood that the makara, while known to be a vehicle for certain deities is not, in fact, a diety itself.
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