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Default The Kastane "Quillons".

Salaams All,

The quillons of the Kastane seem not to be actual functional defensive mechanisms in that they are too small to allow a finger to be inserted for extra purchase in the strike nor do they allow for the trapping of an incoming sliding blade in the usual manner of other quilloned swords. There is hardly a gap left to enable this action indeed the blade at the very throat is delberately less broad making that action impossible.,, and so that the quillons finials are closer to the blade; No gap no trap. See photo below.
(The situation of the long rainguard may pose an interesting disarming function but will be discussed later on isolating that feature.)

On reflection it appears that the device we call quillons is actually from a much earlier period than the earliest quillons in western weapons ;The Vajra protrusions seen on Buddhist ceremonial axes. Pictures below.

The finials are of the minor Deity style (of various possible names) but generally in the Naga or serpentine head type. They are extremely ornate but have no apparent practical function... except ornamentally or as a possible weight or balance factor.. though that is somewhat thin (excuse pun ) since some Kastane don't have quillons.

Comments welcome...

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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