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Salaams All... I am in more or less parallel agreement with the post above..(Thank You Jim !) indeed I find it extremely difficult to separate the design and workshop artistry involved in both Kastane and Piha Kheata in that I cannot imagine the Portuguese being involved in either... or put another way... if they were involved in one they must have had a hand in the other. The description of Royal Workshops mentions the same divisions being responsible for both weapons but no mention is alluded to Portuguese involvement in either.

Whilst some caution may be needed in viewing sketches of the period and since there are so few.. it seems the responsibility for such designs were purely down to Sri Lankan artesanship.

Where a difference evolves in the subject of the main hilt could it be that one Kingdom applied/favoured Lions and the other Makara? Perhaps it may simply be stylistic licence.

Oddly, whilst there are blade marks attributable to The Dutch (VOC) it seems there are none from the other invading powers and apparently none from the EIC though several reports speak of such marked blades.

An exceptional report may be viewed on detailing the craftsmen, Royal Workshops details and responsibilities, specialist gold and silver workers and sword makers etc etc ...

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