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Default Twist-core with ball pommel

Here is a moro kris with a ball pommel inlaid with ivory triangles. The blade is a little longer than usual, 25 inches long, 31 1/2 inches overall. No scabbard. Subtle style of twist core, a little different than some. The asang do have a suassa look to them that can't be seen in the pictures. On the back of the pommel is a Spanish coin dated 1870. Most of the silver inlay has been lost on the blade. I think this is a Mindanao kris although there is no ukil on the silver bands that would lead me to believe that it is either Maranao or Maguindanao. It just seems like the kris is a little bigger than most sulu swords. The elephant trunk also seems to be of the kind that is sort of an intermediate style between the two groups, at least according to Cato...........Dave.
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