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Salaams All, Note to Library,

Correction to past threads on the Habbaabi Khanjar
form of the Saudia Arabia Asir regional dagger. The Name of the weapon appears as Habbaabi but is probably from Abha and either there is a silent letter at the front which has become muddled in the sound ... Abha is the capital of the Asir thus it is there that I think the name has sprung from. Abhaabi which sounds like Habbaabi.

It is this Muscat Khanjar that was "copied in" as a style of weapon into the then Yemeni region now part of the Saudia Asir region... likely imported there by Omani/Yemeni ships trading between Red Sea Ports, Zanzibar and Oman.

I show below the grainy old picture from what is an epic pamphlet on Omani Silver by Ruth Hawley. of the original form of Muscat Khanjar... whose design of scabbard became part of the Royal Khanjar by Sheherazad in about 1850. (It may be remembered that she designed the Hilt ...and also the Royal Turban).

With that please see by Congre...for the Abhaabi dagger details also brought to the pictures below;

A map of the Asir is included.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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