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Default Two 14th c. Wrought-iron Handgonnes

The first ca. 1375-1400, sold Christie's Rome, June 18, 1975.

A so-called Steinbüchse, wrought of wound band iron (cf. the Aljubarrota barrels) but of more archaic form, with small breech (Pulverkammer) and wider forword piece (Flug) to receive either an incendiary arrow (Büchsen-Brandpfeil) or a limestone ball.
Overall length 23 cm.

Originally probably attached to a stock by two iron bands.
Its present whereabouts unknown.

Another, important and finely wrought Steinbüchse for throwing limestone balls or incendiary arrows, also ca. 1375-1400, segmented, with various reinforced sections, round throughout, large touch hole at rear top end, the breech and a reinforced segment punched with Gothic trefoils and a row of circles, the wide muzzle section struck on top with the Cross of St. George, which might be an indication of a Swiss origin.
Mounted with a swiveling ring for suspension, possibly for a horseman of the kind depicted in a mid-15th c. drawing (attached).
Overall length 34.2 cm.
Sold Sotheby's London, 8 Dec 1988, lot 276.

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