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Three more images of lot 453.

And another heavy tiller haquebut (German: ganzer Haken), lot 454, overall length 153 cm, the longest of the group of four at Hermann Historica's, barrel length 42.5 cm, weight ca. 10-12 kg, ca. 1460-70, maybe even somewhat earlier.
The wrought-iron octagonal barrel with long, segmented rear socket for the long, rounded oaken tiller stock which, just like the barrel, retained traces of original green paint! The rear end of the stock was shaped for easier handling. At the rear of the top barrel flat there was a round touch hole surrounded by a hollowed pan for the priming mass, and with a raised fire shield to the rear; the top flat punched over all its length with magic symbols: the inscription of the Holy Cross: INRI (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum), various cryptic symbols, scales and X-shaped symbols. Slightly swamped muzzle, small stepped hook.
Of that group of four haquebuts, this one retained most of its original undistorted coloring and patina. If it had not been for the most 'modern' criterion, the roped muzzle frieze, I would have dated the barrel to the mid-15th c.
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