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Further attachments to post #1:

- Bohemian/Czech wrought-iron haquebut barrels, ca. 1430-40 (Hussite Wars) to 1460, the earliest without a pronounced muzzle section.

- A socketed Nuremberg wrought-iron barrel, ca. 1450-60, retaining much of its original red lead minium paint (German: Mennige), with short, swamped snout-shaped muzzle, the hook deeply struck with the barrelsmith's mark, an arrow which has proven to be a characteristic Nuremberg workshop mark that was carried on as long as the 1530's. It is found on Nuremberg arquebus barrels dated 1537 in the Bavarian Army Museum Ingolstadt, and on cranequins.
l. overall 99 cm, weight ca. 10 kg, maximum outer diameter 7.8 cm at socket, in front of the touch hole 5.3 cm, hook 10 cm in front of muzzle, bore 25 mm.
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