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- also from Johann Hartlieb's Kriegsbuch, 1411: the use of superimposed loads! for such guns, fol. 11r

- my three Nuremberg haquebut barrels from the Fortress Oberhaus, Passau, all preserved in pristine condition, retaining their original red-lead minium paint beneath a later coat of black arsenal lacquer;
from top:
- ca. 1460-70
- dated 1481, the world's second oldest dated barrel, struck with the earliest known Munich town mark, the Münchner Kindl (the Munich Kid), according to Erasmus Grasser's design of 1477
- ca. 1490-1500, from one of the Maximilian Tyrolean arsenals, with huge touch hole and 'Maximilian' style crown's head muzzle section accentutated by a roped frieze; the original rear socket for a tiller stock shortened and prepared for a full stock
- another, from the very same Nuremberg series, retaining its original socket and octagonal oak tiller stock, preserved in the reserve collection of the Gäubodenmuseum Straubing, Lower Bavaria
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