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Default Two finely etched and well-preserved mid-16th c. wheellock mechanisms

The first most probably Munich, Bavaria, ca. 1550-55, belonging to a small saddle arquebus (76 cm overall), and preserved in near-mint, pristine and unbelievably crisp condition.
I will soon post the arquebus comprehensively in a thread of its own; I refrain from labeling it as a long pistol as the square tubular backsight, as well as the gun's length and weight, clearly denote that it was aimed with both hands, the butt rested on the cheek.

The second sample in the Augsburg/Bavaria style, ca. 1565-1570, now detached but originally made for the same type of small arquebus as before. Though in fine condition as well, the state of perfect conservation does not quite match that of the foregoing mechanism.

Both samples formerly in the author's collection. Author's photographs.

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