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Default Antique Khanjars.

Salaams All... Note to Library. I illustrate 3 of the oldest Khanjars I have seen on web...I consider these as circa 1900. Readers may note that it was the Hilt that dignified a Khanjar as "Saidiyya" (Royal) in style though generally that hilt is seen on the 7 ringer form scabbards but wass equally allowed upon 4 ringers as below right.. (7 ringer form was the design seen on Muscat Khanjar scabbards see #79) The Muscat weapon being on the doorstep when the Saidiyya hilt was invented must have thus been ideal as the candidate for copying the 7 ring style.

The older silver style is clearly seen on the two 7 ringers.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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