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Hello Michael,

Congrats, nice examples! I'm glad you snapped that up when most of us were busy with Christmas...

Your first one looks more like a rough specimen. I have a similar one of large proportions - what is the blade length of yours?

The second has the text-book (and status) hilt: curved away from the edge, with carved tampo design (pommel), and an - especially nice - sampa (ferrule) from suasa. I really like the variant scabbard carving! Please post some more close-ups of these features - thanks a lot!

The blade is much shorter than the hilt: Any hints that the blade tip got reprofiled?

Anyone else who feel to contribute so we can have some more here for reference?

Yep, good idea, especially since there is quite a bit of variety in peurawot blades, hilts, and scabbards!

With the deeply appreciated and hopefully ongoing help of some very kind friends I managed to assemble a small peurawot collection. Will try to take pics when weather and time permits.

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