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Several more museums to visit, I'm surprised some of these have yet to be mentioned.

Newark Museum- One of the finest collections of Tibetan items in the Western Hemisphere (at least on display, the Smithsonian Anthropology archives has some top notch stuff but it's all packed away) They have a magnificent Ottoman dagger in quasi-Sino-Tibetan mounts. Really interesting as well as some Indonesian and other items. Worth the visit if you want to brave downtown Newark. Not so bad really.

Walters Museum of Art (Baltimore)- World class quality Islamic arms and armor, some fine Japanese items, and some European.

Art Institute of Chicago- Awesome section on European arms and armor. They have some wonderful stuff in the archives also.

Museum of Cultural History (Oslo)- great ethnographic collection. I'm always surprised by how much is in Scandinavia, and Norway in particular, until you realize they were part of the Danes for so long and the seafaring merchants and burghers of Oslo must have brought back loads of stuff as well.

Forsvarsmuseet (Oslo)- A great military museum with quite a few ethnographic items in the mix. Main focus on Europe but a real cracker jack collection, with awesome cannons especially. One of the only real sled cannons I've seen in person.

Many more out there. A comprehensive list would be ideal. But not enough time...
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