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Default Completely Preserved Tinderlock Hackbuts of the 1550's in the Landszeughaus Graz

Most barrels from this series are dated, the earliest year being 1554; one of the most common dates, i.e. when especially many pieces were bought from the gunmakers, was 1557, but years of the 1560's until as late as 1587 are also to be found.
The highly figured, blackened full stocks are of pearwood (!), which is highly unusual for large and heavy pieces, and fitted mostly with snapping tinderlock mechanisms, their main springs mounted on the outside of the lock plate, and fitted with a provision against cocking the tinderholder too far.
Many of the tinderholders are fitted with a wing nut but mostly just a movable clamp is employed.

In my collection there is a good, detached barrel dated 1557 from that Graz series, preserved in all its virtually 'untouched' patina.

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