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Looks like cheap layered plastic.... quite likely to be translucent at edges...

I understand many such are made in the Yemen & as with so many sales products you've informed us about, there then imported into Oman to be sold by the dodgy dealers , who always have a tale on their lips...

To quote a Yemini trader...

Al-Ozairi uses his expertise and years of experience to not only sell jambiyas, but also provide free-of-charge consultation for clients.

“Many customers come to my shops asking us to evaluate the price of their jambiyas.”

Many people cannot tell the difference between the original and plastic jambiyas and Al-Ozairi likes to set them straight.

“Thos who make fake, plastic jambiyas have swindled many people out of a lot of money, convincing many customers that their jambiyas are unique,” he said, taking it as a personal affront on his beloved profession.

“They deserve the severest punishment from the government for deceiving people and destroying the reputation of jambiya trade.”

Despite the “plastic invasion,” Al-Ozairi is optimistic about the future and continued legacy of one of Yemen’s most notorious weapons.

“Original jambiyas are an important part of our legacy. It will not fade away as many people say.

It will prevail,” he said.


Of course ground rhino horn would also be too valuable to ad to a cheaply made handle like that,The Jambiya makers have re sold there offcuts & adulterated sawdust to the Chinese for at least 25 years! & besides ground human toenails would add the same keratin product & translucency even if without the allure & magic of the last remaining {just.] dinosaur on the planet.

Hope you didn't really pay much for that?

I think your a sharper man than that.

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