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Hi Marcus,

Thanks for sharing but: what auction is this from?

And this matchlock petronel:

This hackbut/haquebut barrel you posted, on the grounds of its general shape and some clear formal criteria, can be safely dated to ca. 1530-40 and is, in all probability, neither of Nuremberg nor Augsburg nor Italian make but possibly Swiss, French or Netherlandish.

The dating criteria are: of rounded shape throughout, no clear sectioning except for the muzzle, small square backsight at the extreme base of the barrel, elongated, swamped and round muzzle section with roped freeze and square muzzle (often found on barrels from the Netherlands), bead foresight, long and slender hook and small right-hand side ignition pan, the pivoted swiveling pan cover now missing.

On the underside of the rear barrel base there ought to be (or may be missing) a round loop for a transversal stock pin; the other, forward pin went thru the hole in the hook.

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