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Salaams all~Note to Library; I mentioned earlier a reference to Moroccan crosses similar to those at #1 being attributable to one tribal group; Wikipedia, Quote" Mulai Ahmed er Raisuni (Arabic: "مولاي أحمد الريسوني", known as Raisuli to most English speakers, also Raissoulli, Rais Uli and Raysuni) (b. 1871,[1] Zinat, Tétouan – d. April 1925,[2] Tamasint, Al Hoceima[3]) was a Sharif (descendant of Mohammed) and a leader of the Jebala tribal confederacy in Morocco at the turn of the 20th Century.

While regarded by foreigners and the Moroccan government as a brigand, some Moroccans, especially among the Jbala, considered him a heroic figure, fighting a repressive, corrupt government, while others considered him a thief. Historian David S. Woolman referred to Raisuni as "a combination Robin Hood, feudal baron and tyrannical bandit."[4]

He was considered by many as "The last of the Barbary Pirates" though Barbary Coast piracy had ended by the middle of the 19th century. On the other hand, according to Douglas Porch, an American historian, Raisuni was part of the rule rather than the exception in that every successful Moroccan politician at the time combined villainy with sainthood.[5]

He died in 1925 after having been captured and imprisoned by his rival Abd el Krim.Unquote.

The reference to which this link is associated is at and shows a dagger with similar crosses.

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