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Originally Posted by Matchlock
That's exatcly what I was wondering about first too, 'Nando,

But as this halberd is from an experienced dealer's site (Faganarms), I think we can rely upon his metinoning any other case. And look at that price! I mean, prices are discussionable to a certain extent, but those ...?
I realize that in your collection there is preserved a very similar North Italian/South Styrian halberd struck with a makers mark, as one can expect for such a late piece, and the original haft retaining most of its original purple velvet covering.
You posted it earlier herre in this thread.
Thank you so much, and best,
Your friend always,

Yes indeed Michl ... for what counts on my example, still in my humble collection.
Concerning dealers sites, you know better than me that, fo the sake of selling their items, they often touch the borders of fantasy, so to speak
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