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Originally Posted by T. Koch
Hi Detlef!

What a lovely little gem and sweet color to the tooth. You know I gotta ask: gon' etch?

Do you or anybody else know when/where this type of Moro ferrule, where little balls and wire is soldered to it, was in use? I've also sometimes seen it on kris and I much prefer it to those ferrules with the chiseled okir. Is the type of decoration we see on this gunong (balls + wire) also referred to as okir, or does that only apply to carvings/chiselings?

Congrats in any case Detlef, and hope you show more pics after some TLC.

Cheers, - Thor

Hello Thor,

thank you for comment. Have to wait until I have received it but think that the blade will receive an etch with vinegar.

Your question regarding okir I will let for others (Jose??? ) since I am unsure about this but think you can call it okir as well.

Will post pictures after I have received it and have given it some care.


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