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Originally Posted by Sajen
Hello Ron,

all plain areas of the blade look like fresh polished and the edges look very sharp and the engravings near the tip of the blade which look a little bit sanded down let me ask this question. Don't understand me wrong, when it was done, it is very professional done.



oh ok, i see what you're saying, Detlef.
the fine scratches that you're seeing are most likely done by the original owner. if you notice, the color of the metal is uniform throughout, even the ones that's on the higher points (ridges) in the triangular incision, the "armpit" (were the baka-baka's narrowest part would normally clamps on the blade), and also around where the tang starts. That would tell me the grinding was done a long time ago, perhaps to sharpened the edges. it appears that the whole blade has aged uniformly. had the sharpening of the edges and point been done at a different time frame, the metal where it was grounded would be of a different shade, even if it was etched after. just for the sake of argument, say, it was indeed sharpened recently, it would be redundant, and not to mention a heck of a task to make everything look uniform, reapply those black patina in the recesses of the center panel, and then just leave the fine scratch marks.
i see your point on the naga okir looking worn out. i'm attaching a couple photos comparing this particular kris with another that has the same fine scratch markings. notice that the naga okir on the other one is pretty worn out as well.
hope this explains it...
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