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Default Drumstick Kris

Yakan, if we go by Cato's classification. handle is made out of carabao horn in a ice cream cone fashion, not necessarily your typical horse-hoof, but most likely a local variation. ivory lid with ivory triangle on the upper part of the pommel. handle is wrapped in jute. being black, it gives an excellent contrast with the ivory deco. nicely done if i may say so.
now the blade is a double fuller twistcore. wonderfully done, and it seems to be a different variation. it looks like standing hair, as oppose to the whorl-y looking types. i thought this was pretty neat. the twistcore stop pretty close to the tip, ending with a naga okir. so looking at the overall pattern, it looks like a naga with scales and all.
on the side note, i notice twistcores would end with a naga okir, giving the illusion that the twistcore pattern/naga okir as a whole is a design by itself.
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