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Hi Teodor,

This is definitely a Late-Gothic Germanic maker's mark on the blade, 15th/early 16th century; the symbol in the left-hand corner is a stylized antler which is also found as part of similar marks on contemporary South German/Bavarian cranequins and barrels! The one on the right seems to be a characteristic incendiary arrow pictured on the way of going down onto the shingle roofs of a medieval city or town! The symbol in top seems to be an arrow or crossbolw bolt head with an extension at the rear for sticking it into a hole in the haft, which is more rarely to find than tiller heads.

I need to see a good close-up of the socket mark ...

Anyway, I should call this fighting axe head a very fine and important piece marked with war symbols - what more can you expect?!

My congrats!

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