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Default The Muscat Khanjar

Salaams All ~ Note to Forum. The Muscat Khanjar with cloth belt and money container worn on the belt.(often 2)

The Muscat Khanjar another example of which is at Ruth Hawleys masterwork Omani Silver

The Muscat Khanjar is typically made with a TEE shaped hilt and the main body of the scabbard displays the same ring formation as the Royal Khanjar(see #1) and must surely have been the main influence on Sheherazade who designed the Royal Khanjar hilt matching it to a 7 ringer Scabbard in similar about 1850

What is nice about the little money container is that it has 33 little circles decorating the front cover illustrating the geometric indicator for all the words for God... in the short version 33... In the full version 100.

This Khanjar was bought in Mutrah in the early 70s and is a fine example with a cowhorn hilt and very nice silver work.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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