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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Salaams BANTARU ~ Yes Umbarak or Mubarak bil London ... he was the last of the great European explorers after WW 2 in Arabia. He is a legend here. I first met him in about 1989 when he was on a visit here and then several times after that but sadly he died a few years ago in London. Some lady stood up at the first meeting and asked Wilfred what he would change if he could in his lifetime...There was absolute silence ... and he pondered for a moment and his very proper Oxford accent..."The um... Internal combustion engine" ! Wilfred was completely bedouin at heart and would have everyone back on donkeys and camels and never mind the 21st Century !!

I was fortunate to meet him before he died and took him to see a local friend, one of the beni kaab, on his farm near here. Wilfred was very frail and would have the odd flash back to when he was in the same area years ago and spoke to me as he thought I was Bin Gabaisha. There he was .. this amazing old man who had walked/camel ridden the entire rub al Qali several times in the most fiercely hot weather and often hostile surroundings where if he had been caught he would most certainly have been killed. They don't make them like that anymore.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

Salaam Wajah,

hahaha yes I almost byhearted his book. I remember him expressing his dislike for motor-cars in it. Truly, I think along his same lines. I prefer the bedu on camels ,rather than flashy cars. They look so elegant and noble on them.

Wow thats nice of you. I heard Bin Kabina & Bin Ghabhaisha are still alive. I wish I could talk to them. theres so much to know. Bin Kabina is currently in Saudi Arabia I guess. Bin Ghobaisha was the most notorious outlaw of the Trucial Coast, after Thesiger left. He had many blood feuds on his hand, and was even imprisoned by the Emir of Sharjah.

anyways I guess you know all of this.

you are right. The hardy adaptable colonial Englishman is very rare these days. I wish things were actually back like then. .
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