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Dead hogs do not strike back (ex-girlfriends and, especially, ex-wives, do).
I'll make you another deal: make yourself a copy of Laz Bicagi including the horned pommel; I'll get a shashka and we fence. Whoever wins, takes the opponent to the ER.
Trust me, the range of movements for Laz Bicagi is so limited and awkward, I'll be the driver at the end....
I tried just now to strike a tree branch (very thin, of course) with it . The curvature is so crazy that I couldn't judge the distance and the horned pommel got tangled in my sleeve. It is just not a very good weapon, although it is very show-y and exotic.
If we think about it, there are very few basic forms of fighting blades all over the world. Just from experience people of different cultures ended up with similar ideas: curved for slashing, straight for stabbing ,recurved for extra slashing force and some stabbing etc. Laz Bichagi stands unique and for a good reason.
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