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Greetings friends,

My house was broken into this past Monday. They looked through the house, trashed the doors, got 2 of my rings, and worse, a chunk of my weaponry collection.

I am missing:

2 gunongs - silver
2 kris with swassa (one with ivory pommel and one with MOP)
1 kris - 1700s and silver
1 barong - ivory and swassa
1 yataghan - Balkan in silver with coral and glass
1 Mandaya sword in silver
1 jambiya - Kurdish in silver
1 jambiya - Turkish with walrus ivory and silver
1 PI dagger - leather and brass scabbard, silver quillons in fern motif
1 PI dagger - Katipunan with sun face and "FG" engraving
1 panabas - double edged with 3 white metal bands and a scabbard

Please look at the pictures and keep on the look out.

My email is if you find any of these.

Thank you.
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