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I did not intend to offend anybody and just cited some information from a respectable book dedicated to the history of the Ottoman military system. The accounts of the ancient travellers and the local lore are germane to our discussions with full understanding that some may be just prejuduces and slurs. If anybody got offended by these quotations, I readily and immediately apologize although I was not their author.
Black Sea Yataghan (or Laz Bicagi) is one of my favourites, but it is far too fancy for real fights: its point is too thin and bendable, its curvature makes no sense (except from purely esthetic point of view) and requires incredibly bulky scabbard, its balance is atrocious (second only to Flyssa), and its pommel does not allow for wrist movements. It is neither a cavalry weapon nor a close encounter infantry blade. No swordsman in his right mind would choose it if a Kindjal or Shashka were available. But... it is beautiful, no doubt about it!
As to raki.... Ham, sorry to disappoint you, but no Turkish Raki or its Greek equvalent, Ouzo, can compare to Lebanese Arak from Zahle.
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