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Hi Iain,
I think Colin is right, I found this:

"..the Fur usually carry a quiver full of barbed throwing spears and a knife, but thier most distinctive weapon is the safaroq (pl. safariq) or throwing stick, made from the roots of inderab or kutr bush. Practically every Fur carries these and they are most expert in thier use. They chiefly emply them for killing hares and guinea fowl, but when the occasion rises, for injuring the legs of the horses ridden by thier foes".

"A History of the Arabs in the Sudan"
Vol. 1 (Darfur) p.113, H.A.MacMichael 1922 (1967)

It seems like this tactic corresponds with typical Hadendoa and other Sudanese warriors who often used the kaskara in hamstringing horses.

All the best,
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