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Originally Posted by Richard Furrer
Combination weapons are nothing new.
How many firearm blades are out there? Axes with single shot powder balls?

As things often go...neither weapon is used as one may wish.

In this case the cutting ability of the swords are near nil, but that is not really the point of the thing.


Clearly the technical problems with this weapon do not include a lack of functionality.
Although the builder's own safety seems in doubt!
In fact the pro's of his design are rather interesting.
As a non-lethal weapon the deterant of the potentially lethal blades would make anyone on the other end extremely wary, while the sharp fine points would mean that achieveing the required skin 'contact' to deliver the electric shock would not be difficult.
Furthermore, as a weapon to cause physical injury, the two blades side by side are a long established favourite of gangs and general toerags as any wound delivered is much more difficult to stitch.
The long edge would prevent any unwise grabbing and the blades would still allow for an effective stab.

However, I wasn't claiming to show the video for any of those reasons.
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