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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Salaams Iain.. Its odd but I was thinking about water hammers and if the Hadramaut had them. I will try to delve into that. Normally I would simply go and have a look but as you know its not possible. Further to that... looking at the Yemeni blades they just dont look like European blades. They do look mildly Red Sea perhaps from Turkish sources. However that is slightly off centre since we are actually looking at where were the early Omani Sayf dancing "blades" made (other than in Oman) . More as it unfolds.
Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

Hi Ibrahiim,

This is a point where we will just have to disagree - the Yemeni blades, or blades found in Yemeni hilts to be more precise - do look European or often are European. I doubt we will ever see eye to eye on that point. I'm rather curious what Turkish blades you think have that profile, a deep single fuller and are from that period... Anyways, that's perhaps a topic for another time.

As always, I'll be interested what you find in the museums, but I wouldn't expect much in the way of a "smoking gun" one way or the other.


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