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Default Habaabi Weapons. The Asir.

Salaams All Note to Forum See The Omani Khanjar #17.

Below are placed more references showing the style of weapon from The Asir region.. Oddly these daggers are called Habaabi in Oman and although this may be because of sea trade (Muscat Yemen Zanzibar) it is still a point shrouded in mystery. Hababi is a city SOUTH WEST of Ta'izz well to the South of the Asir and in Yemen..About midway between Ta'izz and the Red Sea.

The indicators are that this dagger is worn on both sides of the border in Yemen and Saudia. That region was recently (about 1920) absorbed into Saudia from what was then North Yemen.

It is noted that these daggers are very similar in design to Omani Khanjars of several styles including The Muscat Khanjar and The Royal Omani Khanjar.

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