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Originally Posted by Atlantia
Namaste Ibrahiim,

Yeah, I don't really want to get into the whole Kattara/Saif, flexi/stiff, dancing/combat debate.
I've got plans for the next year.... or two

With the relic blade above, I thought you suggested in the original thread that it was a reused Kaskara blade, but I have to admit that I did lose the will to live about 6 or 7 pages into that thread so I could easily be misquoting your meaning.
I'm not sure how you're explaining this blade any other way than how I suggest, but if you don't want to continue to discuss it within this 'Omanicised Shamshir' thread then no problem. I don't want to derail this thread and turn it into another debate on Kattara.

So back to Shamshir it is!


Salaams Atlantia ~ I will discus anything anywhere but as you point out the Kattara for comments was a bit big... thats why I've hived off the different forms (theres only 4)of Omani swords... all very different as you know. That way you can dip into each specific type without going in through "War and Peace" and the 300 posts plus ~ which are all very meaningful and full of important detail...I have to add that because I wrote most of it. Anyway 17,000 hits aint at all bad.
No really! it would enhance that thread to have your comments on it... after all if a research student is looking at Omani Sayfs he wouldn't really find your excellent input here so why not join the debate over on Omani Sayfs ?

Here it is...

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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