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Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
I must confess that khanjhars/janbiyya are not particularly a field of interest of mine, but I do very much appreciate the efforts to study these weapons from Arabia constructively in threads here. In the case of this thread, I admit it really held my interest up to a point, until personalities and veiled comments (and some outwardly not so) permeated the posts revealing the suspiciously specious nature of this entire thread, how disappointing.
While I personally am well aware of the unfortunately strained circumstances present between you, I would implore you to move forward with caution in any further entries as the demeanor has clearly seen to focus on those issues rather than constructive discourse.
C'mon guys, we're here to learn and better than this! and all of you really know a lot on these weapons. Can we just leave the barbs out of the dialogue?

First, there is no need to assume that this thread was made for a purpose other then discussing the origin of this particular item.

I have posted the 3 second video knowing and meaning what it represent. There is no need to blame anything on Stu. What I meant by the video is just that, a facepalm. I have replied showing 2 daggers from Saudi of which the reply to came "they are not Omani" with all due respect that facepalm video is the least one can do to such a silly reply. If you are offended by it then so be it.

Both me and Stu post items for discussion and welcome Ibrahim's opinions but he should have the decency NOT to consider his opinions as facts. Some of the stuff he says defy logic but its pushed every topic as sacred fact and that is extremely frustrating.
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