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Default From where did Omani Sayfs originate?

Salaams All. Note to library on the origin of Omani Sayf style.

Here for comparison is the form of design style which may be responsible for the general design of the Dancing Sword (hilt and blade). The Straight Omani Sayf.

(In this respect the flexibility question is totally ignored..however newcomers may note that the Omani Sayf is flexible up to 90 degree bend and more at the tip whilst the Yemeni sword is relatively stiff and bends a few inches only.)

Picture 1.shows the more typical blade for the Yemeni weapon however other blades have been fitted to similar hilts such as the Ethiopian(German) blade shown lower.

Another picture demonstrates the similiarity between a sword in the Istanbul museum and the Yemeni sword.

As a transitional form there are many similarities in the Omani Sayf and the Yemeni sword. See picture 4. Are they linked?

It is posed here as an open question for comments.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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