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Originally Posted by Atlantia
Namaste Ibrahiim

I've hunted out the original reference to the 'relic' Kattara below and found the owners description:
He says: A friend's father "pulled it out of the thatch of an old house back in the 1960's in Kildare. The sword has remained in his family since then.".

It seems fair to assume that the sword was there for some considerable time to achieve this level of decay but it's age when abandoned is of course subject to debate.
My personal view would be that it was a 19thC Kattara (of Saif as you like to call them) brought back by some Irish soldier in the early part of the 20thC.
I use it as an example simply because it's state of disrepair reveals that imho it is a trade blade of the type often seen in Kaskara etc.
I would also say that it's origins were in Europe and that the multitude of these being exported in the 18th/19thC supported various 'final products' along the trade routes from Africa into the ME.

Funnily enough I know a dealer with one of the wide fullered trade blades mounted up in original configuration as a Victorian 'Medieval broadsword'.

Anyway, you are very welcome and thanks for sharing these interesting re-dressed Shamshir. Far more my cup of tea than kattara!


Salaams Atlantia ~ Yes well... I would hate to do the post mortem on this one ! It could be Portuguese, German, Red Sea or as you say Omani and the pommel is certainly of the latter type. I dont know what conditions it was stored in but it looks like it has had a rough time ..wet, damp conditions over 100 years can be very agressive. The hilt is extended with tang...single broad fuller. The usual method of production for Omani Sayfs was tang and blade as one piece thus this is likely to be a conversion.

The debate is on as to whether there is such a thing as a European Trade blade viz a viz Omani Sayfs.. Omani Straight dancing swords. Please feel free to join this debate on The Omani Sayf. ( The Omani Straight Dancing Sword)

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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