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Originally Posted by kahnjar1
Quite frankly I believe that you are completely off track with your comments that everything is from a Saidi Khanjar. Lofty in his post above (#12) states (and correctly) that the neck wrap is too big to be from a Saidi piece.
I will also point out again, that most Omani silver decoration is scroll type. This is NOT, apart from the scabbard toe.
You have , elsewhere, "positively" identified the subject piece as "habaabi or Asir", a distance apart of around 1000 km, and, also "Salalah", which is a further approx 1900 km due east from where you first identified this as being from. To put this in context, it must be remembered that until the end of WW1/WW2, there was very little known of Arabia, and travel overland would mostly have been by camel. Roads as we now know them just did not exist, so the liklihood of someone "sourcing" bits from these areas, so he could make a Khanjar is most unlikely in my opinion..
Now it appears that it is "positively" a stripped down Saidi Khanjar, or at least a Khanjar/Jambiya using most parts of one, and is likely of Omani origin.
Not all daggers and swords found in the Arabian Peninsula come from Oman, and in fact there are many, many, more styles which come from Yemen and Saudia.
I still believe that this Jambiya is either Yemeni/Saudia, or possibly (not positively), from the Salalah border areas with Yemen.
So we do not appear to be any further ahead.........

Salaams kahnjar1 No not quite...

In fact I am absolutely straight on track. These are the facts. Should I get it wrong the first time I have no problem in putting it right. I've done that.

Perhaps, however, we need to get something aired here...This Forum is designed with rules for good reason; as they say rules are 50% for you and 50% against. I believe that you are very much in the red zone with your post. Not only do you insult me but Forum and what onlookers must think about your performance I can only guess.

I have given good research time to your questions which too often have been degenerated by you into quite rediculous, confrontational, nonsense but I still provide the details as best I can..with my limited knowledge, fieldwork and hands on experience of many decades in this subject.

I believe you set this one up from the beginning of the thread..and another who joined you have compounded your disgraceful situation.

Let this serve as your last mischief directed toward me...or I shall simply ignore your posts. That way you will learn nothing and gain nothing from these important pages.

I therefor refer your completely juvenile post and the one previous at #15 to Moderator support for ruling and trust that you will refrain from such scurilous, insulting, stupid behaviour in future.

Facts to Forum Library ~As it happens this is a very diffficult nut to crack and even now I am at loggergheads even with my own team... and it reminded me of the difficulty of pinpointing these when I lived in Salalah for 6 years in the 80s. The fact is that the form is so close to call. On balance and despite the antagonism I will even say Saudia and on its border with Yemen in the category of Dagger called Habaabi by Omanis.

So finally though not without a huge load of too and fro ~ Habaabi. The Asir region. Saudi and on both sides of the border.... which is where I put it in the first place.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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