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Originally Posted by A.alnakkas
Included are 2 photos of Saudi Khanjars with the hilt ring. Obviously those were taken from an Omani 'royal' hilt :P seriously, all of the Bu-saidi khanjars I handled had a slimmer hilt figure, it will look odd to try and wrap their rings on a thicker cut hilt.

Salaams The weapons you show are not Omani. They are from the Asir down in the Southern part of Saudia bordering Yemen(and worn on both sides of that border) which are called in Oman "Habaabi". It is likely that this type originated in Muscat and because of trade with the region and on route to Zanzibar... i.e. the style migrated.

The wife of one of the Omani Sultans(Sheherezad) is credited with designing the Royal Khanjar in about 1850, however, there is another Muscat dagger with Tee Shaped hilt and 7 rings that could have been the design root of this form.

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