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It sounds very likely that the crossbow on post no.55 is one the first crossbows with a two-axle-lock, as you said! I guess that the crossbow maker wanted to hide the two-axle mechanism, because he didnīt want other crossbow makers to copy it. It could tell us that the two-axle-lock wasīt common yet...

I do still have a view questions about composite prods of the late 15th century.

Were crossbow prods symmetrical or asymetrical in general?
On page 55 in "Die Hornbogenarmbrust" is a prod that looks asymetrical to me. But Iīm not shure, if this impression is due to the camera perspective or if the prod distortioned during the last centuries. An asymetrical design would reduce the friction on the stock...

The horn stipes of a crossbow prod were shorter than the entire length of the entire prod, which means that the horn stripes must be assembeled angularily. Were these joinings always in the middle part as shown on page 52 in "die Hornbogenarmbrust" or were these joinings more often allocated on the entire length of the prod? Is a well made teethed joining always a potential weekpoint?

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