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Default The Omani Shamshiir.

Salaams All. Perhaps the most Iconic of all Omani Swords is the famous curved weapon often highly adorned in silver and gold thus only worn by high office and particularly by the Rulers of Oman and Zanzibar. Oddly it is not called a Shamshiir in Oman but either referred to as a Sayf or a Kattara. Neither names do it justice, however, it is the international collectors term that I believe correctly addresses this weapon. It is indeed a weapon being nearly always of wootz and produced by the finest swordsmiths in the world. Inevitably the grand masters in Persia or Hyderabad were involved in making these swords but it is upon the waists of Omani dignatories that we focus here... The Omani Shamshiir.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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