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Originally Posted by kahnjar1
This Jambiya was previously identified as "Habaabi" but since "Habaabi", if it actually exists, now appears to be located in Yemen (see thread Yemeni Sayfs, Omani Kattaras), I doubt that this is the case. The jambiya is not typical of Yemeni items but more like other Saudia items.
Comments please.

Salaams kahnjar1 This was indeed identified as Habaabi. The silver decoration on the hilt is a chief indicator to hilts of that style. On the other hand the silver has a deeper lustre and I would have thought Omani initially... perhaps even Salalah. Oddly it has an Omani looking blade but only 2 rings. The use of Rhino on this style would also indicate Habaabi..There is a lot of leather below the belt further confusing the issue. To me its Habaabi... in part at least.

I will however put this one to my works team for added confirmation. If I was asked to name 2 places it could be from right now; I would say Habaabi (Hababi in the Yemen) and /or Salalah modified. More pinpoint I shall endeavor to be;

What we may have here is an Habaabi Khanjar(Jambia) but used and modified in Salalah. It is peculiar and could have a very mixed provenance with an Omani scabbard degraded to 2 rings and all the silver except the big fleur de lys floral decorations sprouting from discs at their base (top and bottom on the hilt which are Habaabi) being Omani on an Hababi (Rhino) hilt. The central hilt decorative ring Omani in the same style as the cuff etc. The scabbard silver toe Omani (Nizwa) as is all the silver with the exceptions above. Thus a mixed and modified old Khanjar that I believe is of the Salalah general type. The blade Omani.

Whilst this is something of a mouthful this is quite possibly a working Omani Salalah Jebali / Habaabi Khanjar. Confirmation follows.

Alternatively (and this is where the wheel comes slightly off the bike) it may be concocted (as so many daggers are) from a number of styles including the Royal Omani Khanjar which has similar floral decorative big buttons and a large central silver band on the hilt. See
at #46.

Where might this have been obtained from?

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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